Florida Gov Rick Scott expresses concerns with navigators

Health care reform scheduled to launch next week


MIAMI – Gov. Rick Scott discussed his worry about health care reform navigators misusing confidential information they receive from applicants, which led him to close Florida Department of Health offices to the navigators.

Scott spoke at the Latin Builders Association at their annual awards luncheon in Miami on Friday, but didn't mention the health care reform or possibly federal government shutdown.

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He told Local 10's Michael Putney that he has privacy concerns despite the legislature passing a law that the navigators must be finger printed and comply to criminal background checks.

"In Minnesota, 2,400 families or individuals have their social security numbers released," said Scott. "They (the navigators) haven't shown us what they're going to do. Even the White House has told people you have to be careful... They haven't told us how they're going to share your data."

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Navigators won't receive a copy of an applicant's SSN or tax information, which goes directly into a secure computer.

"Many applications for insurance, they ask you what your income is, so I don't know that it's any worse than what is happening currently and has been happening," said Chuck Vodicka with InSource Inc.

Vodicka said applicants don't need to be worried.

"People talk about the navigators or whoever having access to personal information, but any time you fill out an application for insurance, you give them your date of birth, social security number, name, and address and a lot of other personal information. This really isn't much different."