Family terrorized by NYC bikers

Bikers attack family after surrounding them on highway


NEW YORK CITY – A family driving on a New York City highway on Sunday were assaulted by a group of motorcyclists and it was caught on tape.

According to the New York Post, the incident began after the man driving an SUV with his wife and daughter called 911 to report that several dozen bikers were driving erratically.

While continuing on the West Side Highway, the bikers surrounded the Range Rover and stopped traffic around it by laying down their bikes to block the vehicle. The man sped up and ran over several of the motorcycles and took off down the highway.

After a 50-block chase that ended on the streets of the Washington Heights neighborhood, the bikers ended up surrounding the car and slashing one of the tires. One of the motorcyclists then gets off his bike and smashed in the drivers window and proceeded to beat the man.

The victim suffered two black eyes.

No arrests have been made.