'Reckless Youth' help fund afterschool music program

Summer of Service winner really rocks!

MIAMI – This Summer of Service winner really rocks! In fact, he is in a rock band that makes more than just terrific music, they make a special afterschool program possible for other young people.

The band is called Reckless Youth. But these Miami teens are just the opposite.

The guitar player, Kane Akar, has enjoyed music since he was a little boy.

The high school junior and his friends are now making sure other kids have the same opportunity.

The money the band makes is helping to pay for the afterschool program music program at the Young Men's Preparatory Academy in Miami.

"We all love music. We love playing together, and we are all friends," Kane said. "Why don't we start something? Why don't we make something out of it?"

That something has turned into more than $20,000 in donations to fully fund the music program.

Sammy Gonzalez was Kane's first music teacher. Now he teaches these kids, all of these young musicians paying and playing it forward.

"We knew that Florida schools were already starting to pull out art programs, so why don't we fund a school that needs it?"

The band not only raises money with their concerts, they also mentor students. Everybody wins.

For more information and to donate to their cause, visit www.youngmusicians.us/

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