Actress warns of auditions that trick you out of money

Adriana Catano holding workshops to warn others about misleading agents

A South Florida actress and mother is warning others not to get caught up in casting calls that could lose Hollywood hopefuls thousands of dollars.

Adriana Catano is holding a free workshop to teach both children and their parents to break into the business the right way, to avoid getting cheated.

"There are a lot of moms that came in and they would say, 'I went to this other supposed agency and they charged me thousand of dollars for these pictures, they promised to send my son or daughter on auditions and they never did and now they can't find them,'" Catano explained.

Catano told Local 10's MJ Acosta her workshop will participants everything from how to find a credible agent to the proper etiquette during auditions.

Her first warning: stay away from anyone who charges you to audition. Auditions should be free.

The two day seminar is Saturday and Sunday from 10 am- 5:30 p.m.

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