LeBron opens up in Twitter marathon

Star answers fans' questions


MIAMI – Heat star LeBron James opened up to fans in a marathon Twitter session on Friday night.

The question ranged from the silly to the serious.

LeBron was asked if he agrees that Kobe is the 25th best player in the NBA.

He responded "He's top 5 for sure.  Hall of Famer."

LeBron was asked about the Canes' 6-0 start, he praised the Canes saying "Playing great ball!!! Happy for the "U."  Been a long time coming."

LeBron was asked if he'd ever play in the NFL.

He said "I wanna play one NFL game before it's over."

A fan asked LeBron about Dwyane Wade's health this year.

LeBron said, "He's going to be great!! He's back"

When asked about Mike Miller's departure to Memphis, James said "He's awesome! Still sucks that he's gone.  Memphis has a great one."

One of the funniest responses of the night came when fans asked LeBron who his celebrity crush was as a child.

The King answered "Kelly and Lisa off save by the bell, halle berry, and Jessica rabbit."

Asked what the best NBA game ever was, LeBron responded "Game 6 NBA Finals 2013."

It's hard to argue with the Ray Allen shot.

The last question LeBron answered was about his favorite offseason activity.

LeBron said "Go home to Akron and chill out wtih my wife, kids, mom, and friends! The Best!"

Here's hoping LeBron keeps taking questions from fans and giving us an inside look at his life.

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