Woman accused of beating ex-girlfriend

Jean Annis charged with aggravated battery


COPPITT KEY, Fla. – Police say a woman from Coppitt Key was arrested early Saturday morning after beating her ex-girlfriend and pushing her out of a moving car.

According to officers, Jean Annis was giving her ex-girlfriend a ride home when the two started arguing over text messages involving another woman.

Investigators say the argument eventually turned into a fight, and Annis punched and kicked the victim. The victim says Annis eventually pushed her out of her moving Jeep.

The victim had to walk to her mother's house and was later taken to the hospital, where she called police.

She suffered broken bones in the face and hands, as well as other cuts and bruises. She will need surgery for some of the injuries.

Annis was found in her home and taken into custody for aggravated battery.

The investigation continues.