Senator Bill Nelson unsure if budget deal possible

Polls shows majority of Americans blame GOP for shutdown

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Senator Bill Nelson said Tuesday that he's unsure if a budget deal is possible between Democrats and Republicans.

An ABC/Washington Post poll showed 63 percent viewed the Republican Party unfavorably, and 53 percent blamed them for the shutdown.

"I just don't know how you're going to bridge all of that," said Nelson. "I'm not sure. I don't believe that we are going to have the shutdown in the future, nor do I believe that they will get anywhere close to default."

Nelson said that someone may need to be fired once the problem-plagued federal website is up and running.

"That's the problem in government today. People are not held to account," he said.

Nelson was in Miami Beach to endorse mayoral candidate Phillip Levine, whom he called an old friend. He added he'd support whoever is the Democratic nominee in the upcoming governor's race.

"I am so concerned about Florida and the direction it's going," said Nelson.