Popsicle is an inquisitive fellow with a playful nature. Click here if you would love to meet him.

This is Popsicle! 

Popsicle was wandering the streets of Dania one hot, September day and got lost. 

He's an inquisitive fellow with a playful nature. 

Popsicle loves people and he will lick you like a popsicle if you let him!  He plays well with others and likes chill time too.

If you can help Popsicle find a cool place to be, please comes visit him at Broward County Animal Care, 1870 SW 39th Street, Fort Lauderdale.

Animal ID Number: A1615415

Name: Popsicle

Age: 1 year 10 months

Breed: Welsh corgi-Mix

Sex: Neutered male

Health: Fully vetted

Temperament: Very friendly with people, good with other dogs

Weight: 28 pounds