Vic's Picks: Dolphins at New England

Victor Oquendo has the standouts from Sunday's Dolphins game


MIAMIBrandon Gibson:


No other way of putting it, Brandon Gibson will be missed. The chemistry between Gibson and Ryan Tannehill was clearly growing into something great and now the receiver might be done for the season. Let's look back at his last three games, week 5: 4 receptions, 74 yards; week 7: 5 receptions, 40 yards, 2 touchdowns; week 8: 1 reception, 4 yards, 1 touchdown. Now, more than ever, Tannehill and MikeWallace will have to get on the same page.


Lamar Miller:


The next time that either Lamar Miller or Daniel Thomas break a tackle will the first. The running game has been atrocious but we try to look at the bright side and Miller almost hit 100 rushing yards today!! His 18 carries for 89 yards is a season high for Dolphins running backs! So there's that…


Jared Odrick:


The way to beat Tom Brady is to literally beat him into the ground. That's how the Giants beat them in two Super Bowls, they blitzed and blitzed and got to Brady. Jared Odrick got the memo, he was able to get to Brady twice on Sunday. Olivier Vernon racked up one sack, but that's just not enough. I know, I'm reaching here but, again, trying to stay positive.