Dozens without home after roof collapses

Heavy rains blamed for apt. roof collapse

MIAMI – Heavy rains were blamed for an apartment roof collapse in North Miami Thursday morning. Now, dozens of families are without a place to call home.

The Gold King apartment complex on Northeast 6th Avenue was under repair through Christmas Eve. Thursday morning's heavy rain caused widespread leaks, and eventually brought down the entire roof.

Roofers were back out on Friday morning, continuing the work they started before the holidays and removing gallons of pooled rainwater.

"My family doesn't even have a brush to brush their teeth," said resident Analia Silenciux, who was among those who returned to the building, trying to retrieve what they could from their waterlogged apartments.

Silenciux said the building's manager spoke with the residents and told them that security guards would escort them to their homes to retrieve whatever belongings they could salvage.

Residents are now staying at a shelter in Miami Gardens, and it's not known when they will be allowed back into their homes.

"I don't know where I'm going to go tonight if they don't finish the work," Silenciux said.

Red Cross workers say they will help as many people as they need to until they can go back home.

"We'll support them as needed here," said Carlos Castillo.