Fla. couple forced teen to smoke pot, drink beer, police say

Rusty and Kim Johnson arrested on child abuse charges


ROCKLEDGE, Fla. – A Brevard County man and woman were arrested on allegations of forcing a teen to smoke marijuana and consume alcohol.

Under the care of Rusty and Kim Johnson, the victim, a relative of the couple, was made to witness and participate in smoking marijuana and drinking beer, according to arrest documents.

Rockledge police say the Johnsons also allowed the victim to drive, without a license, while under the influence of the drugs.

During a two-day span, the victim told investigators that they hallucinated during each smoking session, according to police.

To avoid being pressured to smoke further, the victim contacted another family member, records show.

After the family member contacted the Rockledge Police Department, a drug and alcohol screening was completed and showed that the victim tested positive for cannabis and alcohol.

"It's troubling that relatives would think it's acceptable to provide an underage person the substances they provided them," said Rockledge Police Chief Joesph Lasata.

Rusty and Kim Johnson were arrested on child abuse charges and taken to the Brevard County Jail.  Kim Johnson later posted bond, while Rusty remains locked up.

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