Northern storm causes So Fla flight cancellations, delays

MIA, FLL announce dozens of weather-related flight cancellations


MIAMI – More South Florida flights were canceled or delayed Sunday because of weather, airport officials say.

At Miami International Airport, there were 123 delayed arrivals announced, 28 of those being caused by weather. A total of 125 departures were delayed, with eight of those caused by weather.

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MIA officials said altogether, there were a total of 248 delayed flights with 36 of them delayed due to the weather in the northeast.

There were 32 flights also canceled at MIA, and officials said 26 were because of the weather.

"It's mind boggling," said Evan Sorestab.

"We've been here for about 3 or 4 hours so it's gonna be a long day," said Brad Skolnik.

"You wouldn't expect it in Florida that they wouldn't have option," said Josh Boren.

At Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, officials said there were 48 cancellations and 101 delays since midnight on Sunday.

The nasty weather in the Midwest and northeast is translating into more than 6,000 flight delays across the U.S. and more than 3,000 cancellations, according to FlightAware.com.

"Cancelled then cancelled, then maybe some more cancelled," said Boren.

Boren was trying to get a flight to Colorado through another city, and time was ticking as he and his family need to get home.

"One of the people in our party needs meds, both of my sons have school and work of course," Boren said.

That will likely be put on hold as some passengers Local 10 spoke with said they couldn't get another flight out until late next week.

"Mine's canceled. They said they're booked so it looks like Friday," said Skolnik.

Skolnik and his trusty companion, Adrian Madaro, are trying to get back to New Jersey and while they play cards to pass the time, Skolnik isn't too worried about getting back.

"I'm missing school this week so it's not that big of a deal," said Skolnik.

While the delays, cancellations and frustrations continue to mount, it seems the folks waiting in South Florida are rolling with the punches.

"They're expecting wind chills of minus 50, so down here's OK," said Sorestab.

Those traveling this week are encouraged to call the airline before heading to the airport, or check the status of U.S airports by clicking here.

Gregory Meyer with the Broward County Aviation Department released the following statement Sunday:

"Due to weather conditions throughout the country, FLL is experiencing a significant amount of flight delays and cancellations to destinations from the Midwest to the Northeast. Those traveling today may be delayed by up to three hours depending on their destination from Fort Lauderdale. The Broward County Aviation Department continues to work with our airline partners to assist passengers as much as possible. With support from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, we have provided information to the airlines about available hotel space and in many cases discounted rates for passengers who find themselves waiting for a flight home."

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