Spanish priest comes to South Florida for workshop on exorcism

Jose Antonio Fortea says he wanted to share knowledge with archdiocese of Miami

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. – A Roman Catholic priest came to South Florida from Spain on Friday to give a workshop on exorcism.

Jose Antonio Fortea's studies in theology and his books published on exorcism have made him one of the world's few experts on the subject.

"We that believe in Jesus -- we cannot go to witches, we cannot go to people that they have contact with spirits," he said. "In a society where everybody prays to the Lord and pray many prayers, the room for the extraordinary activity of demons is very, very, very little."

Fortea said he hasn't traveled to South Florida for any specific cases, but instead wanted to share what he knows with the archdiocese of Miami.

"In a society when money is a god, use of dark ways to achieve things is something that increase(s) in society and in that moment, more exorcists are needed in the world," he said.

The best way to stay safe from otherworldy possession: prayer, said Fortea.