Credit cards offer clues in North Miami rape

Surveillance video may help catch three men suspected of abducting, raping woman

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Police are following a paper trail of clues after a woman was raped and robbed last week.

Investigators now say the victim's credit cards, along with surveillance video captured from several places in North Miami Beach may offer clues to help catch the men.

According to detectives, the woman was picking up take-out at a Creole restaurant along 167th Street when she was kidnapped by two armed men.

Local 10's John Turchin showed surveillance video photos to business owners in the area, asking if they recognized the men. But they said they didn't.

Local 10 has also learned there were three men involved in the crime.

Based on the paper trail left behind by the stolen credit cards, detectives now know the men pulled out of the parking lot behind the restaurant and drove west on 167th Street. They then pulled into a BP gas station on Northeast 8th Avenue and used the victim's credit card to fill their car's tank.

From there they went across the street to a Wells Fargo bank, where they forced the woman to withdraw several hundred dollars from the ATM.

Investigators say they spent the next several hours driving around, sexually assaulting the victim.

"I'm scared," said Chirlene Adelson, a customer at the restaurant where the woman was abducted. "I'm not coming here any more."

Police hope surveillance video taken behind the restaurant, at the Wells Fargo bank, BP gas station and a couple of other places will help them identify and catch the men.

The video and photos are scheduled to be released on Tuesday.