Jeb Bush considering run for White House in 2016

Bush says family is biggest factor influencing his decision

HIALEAH GARDENS, Fla. – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, looking relaxed and confident, visited the Latin Builders Association's charter school in Hialeah Gardens today where he mixed easily with students and said he's "considering" a run for the White House in 2016.

"I am considering it and expect to make a decision next year," Bush said in an interview with Local 10 Senior Political Reporter Michael Putney.  "There are a lot of factors, the biggest is my family."

When asked about his mother's comments that she hope's he doesn't run even though he would be the best candidate, Bush quipped, "I wish she'd stop saying that."

The former Republican governor had one point also paid homage to his father, George H. Bush, who he called his "mentor" and biggest influence.

"My dad is near perfect as far as I'm concerned," the younger Bush said as he recounted his father's remarkable career starting as a Navy pilot at age 19 in WWII and who celebrated his 85th birthday by parachuting out of a plane.

Bush clearly enjoyed the give and take with the 9the and 10th grade students at the LBA Construction and Business Management Academy, which is only in its second year.  He said such schools give parents the important option of choice for their children and provide a different and often better learning environment.