Results of Bieber's toxicology report released

Bieber pleaded not guilty in DUI arrest

MIAMI – The results of Justin Bieber's toxicology report after his arrest on Miami Beach last week were released Thursday afternoon, just as new details emerged about the morning he was arrested.

Police now say that although Bieber was pulled over and suspected of drag racing, the luxury Lamborghini he was driving never topped 34 mph. In addition, police say as he was being place in handcuffs, Bieber's eyes were bloodshot, his language was foul, his attitude cocky and he swayed as he tried to balance on one leg. Officers also say he reeked of marijuana.

When asked about the stench, the singer reportedly told police he had been smoking pot all night at the studio. Bieber also told police he took medications for anxiety, but couldn't name the prescription, saying, "Well, my mom takes care of all that stuff for me."

In addition, police say Bieber had a tough time figuring out how to provide a breath sample. They say he was blowing into the hose like blowing in to a trumpet, but was not able to blow continuously for more than a second.

Officers did record two valid breath samples, but the report released Thursday afternoon revealed exactly what was in his system at the time of the arrest.

"What do you think is going to be the result here for Justin Bieber?" Local 10's Christina Vazquez asked defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh.

"I anticipate he will be treated like my clients who aren't famous and that is he will get some type of resolution - which won't include jail time - but will include some type of treatment, fines and court costs," he replied.

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