'Neighbor from hell' denied bond

Judge orders Mitchell Igelko remain in jail

Mitchell Igelko.
Mitchell Igelko.

MIAMI – Mitchell Igelko was back in court Tuesday morning, one week after he was arrested on a warrant issued in Lee County, claiming he allegedly violated a domestic violence injunction.

The arrest violated his probation which was set in place in regards to his case in South Florida.

And so, the judge denied bond. That means Igelko will remain locked up at the Turner Guilfor Knight Correctional Center in Miami.

Last month, Igelko pleaded no content to criminal mischief and stalking. In that case, his neighbors claimed he has terrorized them for years -- throwing eggs at their homes, nails on their driveways, sprayed poisonous chemicals on their lawns, and hired other people to smash car windows, douse vehicles with gasoline, and blow up a boat in their neighborhood.

Under the circumstances, Igelko's trial attorney, Danny Espinosa, believes the judge made a fair decision.

Igelko recently spoke to Alma Del Rio, an old flame of his that he and the family call "the mistress from hell." Speaking with her violated the Lee County court order. That will be dealt with in court on Feb. 19th.

On Thursday, a restitution hearing will be held to settle the score with his current neighbors.