Pot house raided in SW Miami-Dade

Police are still searching for the owner of the home

SOUTHWEST MIAMI, Fla. – Eight-hundred pounds of marijuana was seized from a home along Southwest 200th Street and 174th Avenue in Southwest Miami-Dade early Wednesday morning.

When the narcotics bureau broke the gate of the grow house and moved in, they found two rooms with rows of plants; what they say is a large-scale hydroponics lab.

Local 10 News was present during the raid and counted 30 pots in one room and 25 in the other. Police then bagged up the marijuana and piled it all into a truck.

This is just one of three busts on Tuesday where police recovered nearly 1,400 pounds of drugs, worth up to $1 million on the street.

Police say when they showed up, the owner took off. They are still trying to track him down.

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