New traffic pattern for westbound State Road 836

MIAMI – A new traffic pattern will be implemented on Sunday for westbound State Road 836 drivers continuing west after northwest 57th Avenue or accessing the ramps for State Road 826.

"Westbound drivers after they pass 57th Avenue, they are going to see a big change. If they want to continue going westbound, they are going to have to stay on the right-hand side. If they want to access north or south 826, they are going to have to stay on their left-hand side, which is actually a flip flop of what they are used to," said Oscar Gonzalez with the Florida Department of Transportation.

The shift in traffic will allow contractors to build the new mainline westbound SR 836 as well as continue the widening of the new northbound SR 826.

Gonzalez says that drivers should focus on signage around the construction area in order to help them with the new traffic pattern.

"Signs, signs, signs, and just be aware that we are 70 percent complete with this project," Gonzalez said.

To learn more about these changes in traffic patterns, click here.