Engineering program at South Fla. school creates water-purification system

Gulliver Preparatory School students to make shipment to Samar in Philippines


CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Clean drinkable water is something most of us in the United States take for granted, but take a look around the globe and you'll notice that clean water is not a right but a privilege, and not everyone has it.

The engineering program at Gulliver Preparatory School has created a water-purification system that can be shipped to Third World countries in need.

Engineering teacher Claude Charron said they are looking for donations to create 10,000 units of their device, which cost under $500 a piece.

The students will be making a shipment to Samar in the Philippines so that villagers have potable water this summer.

The system can last up to five years with filter changes and can serve hundreds of people.