Couple finds memorial bracelet with names of 4 soldiers killed

Todhunters want to find bracelet's owner


MIAMI – A woman and a husband who found a bracelet with the names of four soldiers who were killed in 2009 in action in Iraq is looking for the owner.

While the couple was out walking their dogs on the beach, Bill and Yasmine Todhunter, who live near where the cruise ships come and go, found a true treasure.

"It looked like a sharp object," said Bill. "I bent over to pick it up and there was a bracelet."

Yasmine and Bill Todhunter said they believe it may have fallen off of a ship and washed ashore. The bracelet was engraved with the names of four soldiers. 

"After further research, it's a memorial bracelet, given to family members and troop members of the fallen heroes," said Bill Todhunter.

Philip Windorski, Joshua Tillery, Matthew Kelley and Benjamin Todd were killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq in January of 2009. This bracelet was created for the family members or troop members. It was once treasured by someone mourning a loss.

"(I) just hope it gets into hands of rightful owner," said Bill.

The Todhunters posted their story to Facebook. It been shared and commented on thousands of times in just two days. They have heard from the mother of Tillery, who said 'Joshua Tillery was my son. He was 31 years old. (He) left behind four sons. You can mail the bracelet to me and I will do my best to find the rightful owner, or you can keep it as a reminder that your freedom is indeed not free.'"

"I think that says it best. Our freedom is not free. It costs (something)," said Bill. "That's why we have to get this back to the owner."

Since the Todhunters posted their story to Facebook it has been shared 96,000 times.