Teacher says he was banned from attending Obama's speech

Randall Scott claims administration excluded him because of political views


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – As President Barack Obama was speaking at Coral Reef Senior High School last Friday, social studies teacher Randall Scott said he was left sitting alone in his classroom.

Scott said school administrators told him last week that he was "banned" from hearing the president's speech.

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He claims the reason is because of his politics. He's an outspoken conservative who makes no effort to hide his views on social media and in the classroom.

The teacher regularly uses his Instagram and Twitter accounts to voice his opposition to the Obama administration. Scott said he fosters open political discussion in his advanced-placement American history classes.

"I believe if I share my views with students and they share their views with me then it's a learning process for both of us," Scott said.

President Barack Obama speaks to students at Coral Reef Senior High School.
President Barack Obama speaks to students at Coral Reef Senior High School.

But in the past week, two students have asked to leave Scott's class as a result of things he's said.

Prior to Obama's visit, Scott ignored a school administration request to tone down his social media postings.

Both incidents may have played a part in his exclusion.

"Because of the sensitivity surrounding the allegations regarding remarks that were made -- remarks that were reviewed by Miami-Dade schools police and the U.S. Secret Service -- the matter is currently under review," Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman John Schuster said. "The size and setup of the event venue did not permit all of the school's staff and students to attend, and local administrators were required to decide who would attend to represent the school."

Scott, a retired Air Force master sergeant, desires more than an explanation. He wants "whoever is responsible for this to publicly apologize for discriminating against me because of my political views."