Dozens of parked cars vandalized by thieves

At least 52 cars vandalized at Trafalgar Towers


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – At least 52 cars were vandalized early Monday outside of a Hollywood beach condo building. Car owners woke up to the sight of shattered glass and missing items from their vehicles.

It happened in the parking lot of Trafalgar Towers at 1400 South Ocean Blvd.

"You're just shocked and surprised that someone could do something like this," said Yvon Lengois, whose silver Infiniti was hit by thieves. "They took an iPad and some money, but they didn't touch my GPS."

By Monday afternoon, the parking lot was filled with glass repair technicians assigned to perform multiple jobs within the complex.

In some cases, two windows were broken out of the same vehicle.

Surveillance cameras were rolling in the overnight hours but the footage has not been released publicly.

A member of the building's condo association board declined to go on camera but told Local 10 the images depict four vandals who appear to be three men and one woman.

The incident is similar to a crime that happened last week in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. More than 40 cars were vandalized in the same gated parking garage of a building at 120 SW Eight St.

Two men are seen on surveillance video burglarizing cars and shattering car windows.

It's unclear if detectives believe the two crimes are connected but the similarities are enough to make residents in Hollywood Beach a bit uneasy.

"They're lucky we didn't catch them, I can tell you that," Lengois said.

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