Video captures owner allegedly vandalizing property next door

Key Largo business owner next door sets up camera to catch vandal


KEY LARGO, Fla. – A South Florida business owner says she fears for her life and claims she's afraid to go to work after her Key Largo business was repeatedly targeted by vandals. She set up a camera to catch the person in the act.

Jennifer Kerr owns Sail Fish Scuba at Mile Marker 103 in Key Largo. She said chum was thrown on her property day after day.

Chum is a mixture of dead and bloody fish, and the stench is unbearable. It's used to attract fish -- usually sharks.

"We started having problems with chum being poured all over the side of our building, over our wet-suit shed -- someone urinating on the side door of our shop," said Kerr. "My husband and I have gotten to the point where we dread coming into our business because we don't know what we will have to clean up when we get here."

So the cameras went up, and the couple reeled in a surprise. They said Michael Morehead, the owner of Captain Bad Bait Shop next door, is shown destroying, stomping on and smashing their property.

"I said, 'What is the problem? What is going on?' and he just screamed in my face and said -- came at me threatening, said, 'You know what is wrong,' but he's never explained to me," said Kerr.

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies saw the tape, but alleged they couldn't tell who was exactly in the video.

In a recent court hearing, Morehead claims he didn't throw the chum, but admitted to destroying Kerr's property.

"You admitted to doing it and the judge told you you had a temper problem," Local 10's Jeff Weinsier said to Morehead. "I heard the whole thing."

"You need a job, brother," Morehead said.

On video in court, Morehead said they are blowing this all out of proportion.

"I'm here to get your side of the story. She's afraid to come to work because of you," Weinsier said to Morehead.

"I'm always worried," said Kerr. "I don't come to work alone anymore."

Kerr said she is now armed with pepper spray.

"A customer of mine just this past week -- who is concerned about me -- brought me a Kimber and said, 'You need this,'" said Kerr.

A Monroe County judge warned Morehead if there is one more incident, he will grant Kerr a restraining order. That would prevent him from coming within 500 feet of the business.