Alleged victims of South Fla. youth pastor on trial give testimonies

4 of Jeffery London's alleged victims testify in court

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – It was a difficult day in court Tuesday as four of Jeffery London's alleged victims testified, taking everyone through the abuse and describing what it's been like since they lived with London.

"He's the gentleman right there," said one alleged victim. When asked how old he was when the abuse allegedly began, he said, "I was 14."

Years after the young men said London sexually abused and beat them, the wounds are still fresh.

"I thought, 'Why would God allow this?' But at the same time I thought it was right because he was blessed," another alleged victim said.

On the surface, London was a pillar of the community -- a pastor, a counselor at the Boys & Girls Club, dean of students at a local charter school and he would even take homeless and troubled boys into his home.

"He started getting more comfortable with his rub, and he started going inside my boxers, touching my buttocks," an alleged victim said.

All the while, as his victims said, London preyed on young boys too scared to speak out about the abuse, ruining their lives in the process.

"He did not apologize one time for it, but I did forgive him," a fourth alleged victim said.

Some aren't ready for forgiveness yet. One said Tuesday he still loves London through painful tears.

London is looking at a slew of sexual assault charges. There will be more testimony Wednesday, including testimony from the person who turned London in.