Cuban journalist honored with award

Yoani Sanchez recognized for daily Cuban life blog

MIAMI – Fearless Cuban journalist Yoani Sanchez has made a return visit to the United States and this time is being honored with the Hispanicize Latinovator Award.

The award is meant to recognize Latinos that have had a strong positive impact on their community.

Sanchez was first recognized for her blog that depicted daily life in Cuba. The uncensored blog's popularity spread across the globe and is read in several different languages. Unfortunately, access to it in her homeland is still very limited.

When asked if she ever fears for her safety back home because of her writings, she said it is the attention of her international followers that keep her safe and "function as her umbrella."

Sanchez continues to live in Cuba with her husband and 19-year-old son because, she said, she has "hope for change." If she didn't have hope, she would not stay.

Hispanicize 2014 is an event being held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami and brings speakers, businesses and firms that follow Hispanic trends together. The event ends April 4.