FHP writing plenty of tickets in new I-595 express lanes

Several drivers ticketed for speeding in new toll lanes intended to alleviate traffic


BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – The new reversible express toll lanes on Interstate 595 seem to be working smoothly.

In fact, they may be working too well.

Broward County commuters may be looking at the express lane corridor like it's the Autobahn with no speed limit.

But lead-foot drivers beware. The Florida Highway Patrol is aware that the newly paved expressway intended to alleviate traffic is seductive to speeders.

"We've had tickets written in speeds anywhere from 85 to 100 mph in the express lane," FHP Sgt. Mark Wysocky told Local 10.

Dennis Spiller, who said he needed to speed to merge, told Local 10 he was ticketed for driving 95 mph Thursday.

Adrian Perez, who was ticketed for going 96 mph, said he was late for work, so he figured he would drive a little faster than normal.

The normal I-595 lanes are still 65 mph, but the speed limit is 70 mph in the express lanes.

Perez said that 5-mile extra allowance actually contributed to him getting a ticket.

"Once they raise it higher it's a little easier to get caught up speeding," he said.