Michel Escoto held in contempt of court

Man defending himself in murder trial threatens witness testifying against him

MIAMI – A man accused of killing his wife less than a week after they were married was held in contempt of court.

Michel Escoto, who is defending himself, made threatening comments to the civil attorney representing the family of his dead wife, Wendy Trapaga.

Jorge Borron was being questioned by Escoto when he seemingly irritated him, telling jurors that Escoto killed his wife in 2002 to collect her $1 million insurance policy.

"The fact that you have been married to her for three days before you killed her to get the life insurance, so to me that was very clear -- common sense," Borron said.

That led Escoto to threaten Borron.

"All of those guys in the white, it's gonna take all of them and some more," Escoto told Borron, pointing to the deputies in the courtroom.

The judge then called for a break, sent the jurors out of the room and told Escoto he "crossed the line."

His threat will cost him 30 days in jail, which he will serve immediately.

Because he is representing himself, Escoto was expected back in court Friday morning.