Conjoined twins survive separation surgery

Twins leave Dallas hospital


Nine-month-old conjoined twins Owen and Emmitt Ezell were born linked together from their breastbone to their hipbones, hospital officials said.

Doctors told ABC News they were concerned when they learned the boys shared several organs, including their liver and intestines.  After a nine-hour surgery, a team carefully separated the boys. 

The brothers were released from Medical City Children's Hospital to rehabilitation in Dallas Tuesday, ABC News reports.

Formerly conjoined twins thriving

While the nurses painted the boys nails to be able to tell them apart, their mother Jenni Ezell has already noticed differences in their personalities.

"Owen opens his eyes a little bit wider and is a little more excitable," she told ABC News. "Emmitt is more relaxed. His eyes are usually softer and more closed."

The two brothers will finally be able to spend time with their  2-year-old sister Liam and 7-year-old brother Ethan. As their parents, get ready to learn to clean their tracheal tubes, manage a home ventilator and help them with rehab exercises.