Mother accused of abducting 3 sons speaks after posting bond

Carrie Weingarth: Being in jail for nearly 2 months without seeing sons 'awful'

MIAMI – After posting bond and being released on house arrest, Carrie Weingarth, the woman accused of taking her three children and traveling across state lines spoke to Local 10.

Weingarth said being in jail for nearly two months without seeing her sons was unbearable.

"Awful. It was like I was in a dungeon. I just wanted to get to my kids," Weingarth said.

Police claimed Weingarth picked up her oldest son from school in February and, along with her boyfriend and two other sons, drove to California, where she was arrested a week later.

Weingarth's attorneys have argued there was no court order outlining a custody agreement between her and the boys' father. Legally, she had custody of all three.

In court last week, a veteran Miami-Dade Schools police officer said an abduction never took place.

Weingarth was ordered to wear an ankle monitor and cannot leave her grandmother's house in Cutler Bay. She was ordered to have no contact with her sons; their father now has custody of them.

On the advice of her lawyers, Weingarth would not say why she wanted to take them to California in the first place. However, paperwork filled out two years ago allege the boy's father was violent and she feared for her and her sons' safety. The paperwork was never filed with the courts.

Weingarth is being charged with interference with custody. Her lawyers plan to fight those charges in a trial scheduled for April 21.

"I just want them back in my arms. Just knowing that they're missing me and that they're hurting make it even worse," she said.