David Lopez attempted to lure girls into prostitution, police say

Convicted felon arrested in North Miami

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – A convicted felon was taken back into custody Tuesday, accused of attempting to lure two high school girls into a life of prostitution.

David Lopez, 46, surrendered peacefully when officers swarmed his 15th-floor apartment at 2100 San Souci Blvd. in North Miami.

FBI agents and a police SWAT team surrounded the building with concerns Lopez may have been armed with several firearms.

The bust is a major victory for Miami-Dade County state attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, whose office now has a full-time human trafficking unit devoted to fight this type of crime.

"The brutality that's involved, the trauma that's involved -- physical, emotional, sexually -- it's all just so unfathomable," she told Local 10 News.

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