Family of Eduardo Hernandez gets key to city of Coral Gables

City employee killed while trying to help teens involved in crash

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The family of a man who was killed while trying to help two teenagers on Tuesday accepted a key to the city of Coral Gables.

Eduardo Hernandez, 45, pulled over to help two 17-year-old girls involved in a crash when another car slammed into him, Anapaula Saldana and Caroline Agreda.

"He was our rock and we're very proud of what he did," his widow, Fatima Hernandez, told Local 10. "And he is our hero and he will always be our hero."

Eduardo Hernandez received a standing ovation from those in attendance. He worked for the parking division in Coral Gables for 20 years.

"He was just a very good face for the City of Coral Gables because he dealt easily with people, he was kind, his temperament was always even and he was just a great guy," city parking director Kevin Kinney said.