Horse rescued after falling into pond in Southwest Ranches

Horse found in water 2 feet deep in backyard

(Southwest Ranches Volunteer Fire Rescue)

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. – A horse was rescued Saturday afternoon after falling into a pond in Southwest Ranches, authorities said.

Crews from Davie Fire Rescue Station 112 and Southwest Ranches Fire Rescue Station 82 responded at 12:22 p.m. Saturday to 17620 S.W. 61st Court. Davie police also arrived at the scene.

Firefighters found a 38-year-old male horse that had fallen into a pond in the backyard. Officials said the horse was lying on his side and unable to get out of the pond.

The horse's owner told authorities she had last seen the horse three days ago, so it was unknown how long he had been in the water.

The horse was in water that was 2 feet deep but the bank was also muddy. Authorities said this made the rescue more complicated.

Firefighters fashioned slings from custom-designed tow straps and placed rescue glides along the bank. Officials said the glides are made of plastic and coated with Teflon to allow for easy movement of animals onto them.

Firefighters and police officers were able to pull the horse out of the water and onto the bank. The horse was able to stand on its own immediately after the rescue, and was turned over to a veterinarian for further evaluation and treatment, authorities said.