Majority of Floridians support medical marijuana in new poll

Voters 88-10 percent in support of allowing pot when prescribed by a doctor


HAMDEN, Conn. – A vast majority of Florida voters support the use of marijuana for medical purposes, according to a poll released Monday. 

According to Quinnipiac University, 88 percent of voters support the use of the drug- when prescribed by a doctor. A smaller majority, 53- 42 percent, support the legalization of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. 

The poll found wide gaps when it came to age and political affiliation. Voters who were 18-29 years old support recreational marijuana use 72 to 24 percent. Those over age 65 opposed it- 61- 33 percent.

Forty-five percent of the 1,413 registered voters polled admitted they've tried marijuana. The highest percentage of people who admitted to trying the drug were 50 to 64-year-olds. Sixty-two percent of that age group admitted to smoking pot, more than any other group. 

A bill allowing a strain of low-THC marijuana for medical purposes passed through the Florida Legislature Friday. On Thursday, Gov. Rick Scott had said he would sign the bill into law. 

Quinnipiac University conducted the poll between April 23-28 and report a margin of error of +/- 2.6 percentage points.