Texas orders homeowner to remove Ten Commandments sign

Pastor said she was told she can pay to keep the sign


HEMPHILL, Texas – A pastor in Hemphill, Texas is outraged after she was told she has to pay money to display a sign on her own property.

Last August, Jeanette Golden placed a sign featuring the Ten Commandments on the edge of her 28 acres.

According to golden, the Texas Department of Transportation told her to take the sign down because it violates the highway beautification transportation code.

Now Golden says the state is telling her she will have to pay $250 if she wants to keep the sign on her property, plus an annual fee of $150.

"It's too much money to keep it on my private property, and I don't know if I'm doing anything illegal and i'm just standing up for what i believe," said Golden.

A TxDOT spokesperson says it's not the sign that's in objection, but rather a federal mandate requires the department to insure all signs.

Donors have purchased a billboard close to Golden's sign that reads "In God We Trust."  It's scheduled to go up in a week.