Bus with Venezuelans traveling to Washington breaks down in Ga.

Mechanical issue forces 'Trip For Freedom' organizers to ask volunteers to stay behind


CHARLESTON, S.C. – A group of Venezuelan exiles are trying to figure out how they will get to Washington, D.C., after the bus they were on broke down in Georgia.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Venezuelans' bus in 'Trip For Freedom' on the road

A mechanical issue forced organizers of the "Trip For Freedom" to ask for volunteers to stay behind in order to shuffle passengers on-board the two other buses.

An earlier issue with the same bus delayed the trip a few hours south of St. Augustine.

"What matters is that we get there," said Eria Flores who volunteered to stay behind with a handful of other passengers.

It's unclear if the group plans to wait for repairs to be made to the bus or if they will travel to a nearby airport for a flight to Washington, D.C., on Friday morning.

Some 150 passengers boarded three buses in Doral on Thursday. The group will lobby lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Friday before taking part in a protest outside of the White House.

Nineteen other cities are also taking part in the event.

Organizers are pushing for lawmakers to support economic sanctions against the Venezuelan government, but already there is pushback the State Department.

In a Senate hearing on Thursday, officials cautioned against the tough sanctions saying the Venezuelan government will use the move as a political tool to rile up supporters of the government.

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