Thieves use suction cups to burglarize Medley warehouse

Crooks get away with more than $10,000 worth of Bose entertainment equipment

MEDLEY, Fla. – Four thieves and a lookout used suction cups to help them burglarize a Medley warehouse.

It happened early Sunday morning at Rexcel International on Northwest 122nd Street.

Medley police said the crooks pried the weather stripping away from a front window and then used suction cups to remove the window and unlock the front door. Once inside, the men ran to the back of the warehouse and cut the alarm wires before helping themselves to more than $10,000 worth of Bose entertainment equipment.

Police said the crooks then replaced the window and loaded the stolen merchandise in a Nissan Versa. Police said they returned later in the morning, walked through the unlocked front door and helped themselves to more.

"These people are not amateurs," Medley police spokesman Louis Ponce said. "They are experts at what they do and, obviously, they have to be familiarized with the window systems that these businesses are equipped with."