Jostens rep takes blame for yearbook misspelling

Extra I winds up on spiral of Miami Killian Senior High School yearbook


MIAMI – Miami Killian Senior High School students are wondering how the school name on their yearbook wound up being misspelled.

Students were sounding off on social media about the highly anticipated memento that was filled with flaws.

"You go through editors, they're supposed to edit that, and to misspell the school name -- I don't think there's an excuse," said one student.

On the spine of the book Killian has an extra I on it. Seniors like Tristan noticed the error right away.

"A lot of people are making a huge huge deal about it, but I'm like, 'Guys, it's like one little, tiny part compared to the entire book,'" Tristan said.

"Who dropped the ball on this one?" asked another student.

Jostens local rep for Killian High School told Local 10 she takes all the blame and that she's embarrassed by it.

She added that every student will be receiving a book jacket with the correct spelling and that anyone who wants a refund will have to contact their student adviser.

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