Miami police officer killed may have been expecting child with girlfriend

Girlfriend named person of interest in case

MIAMI – Personnel files for Tiniko Thompson reveal that she and her boyfriend, Miami police officer Carl Patrick, who was found shot to death in his home, are possibly expecting a child.

The files for the city of Miami public service aide showed she and Patrick had both requested family leave for a birth. Police believe Patrick is the father of Thompson's unborn child.

The request form states Patrick wasn't expected back to work until May 28. As for Thompson, an email in her file indicated a return date of May 2.

Days later, Patrick would be found shot to death in the Pembroke Pines home the couple shared. Investigators say Thompson didn't tell anyone what happened for two days.

Her attorney maintains Patrick accidentally shot himself during a scuffle between them. Thompson invoked her right not to speak, and has yet to meet with investigators.

In a performance evaluation last summer, Thompson's supervisor wrote that she always conducts herself in a professional manner, and recognizes the importance of first impressions.

As for Patrick, a department commander in 2007 commended him for defusing a potentially violent situation, and for his calm demeanor, which the commander said "seems to personify Officer Patrick."