Multiple search warrants issued in Miami police officer's death

Carl Patrick's girlfriend named person of interest

MIAMI – Multiple search warrants were issued in Miami-Dade and Broward counties following the shooting death of Miami police officer Carl Patrick on May 9.

Police found Patrick in the bedroom, wrapped in a bed sheet and comforter, with a semi-automatic firearm near his body. Blood was splattered on the wall, according to court documents, and blood transfer was also found on the bedroom door frame, bathroom door frame, and bathroom towels.

Patrick's girlfriend, Tiniko Thompson drove to her mother's home in Opa-locka after the shooting, and claims it was Patrick who pulled the trigger on himself during an altercation between the two.

The city of Miami public service aide has invoked her right not to speak and has yet to meet with investigators. They believe she is pregnant with Patrick's child.

On May 9, Pembroke Pines police searched a white, 2011 Ford Crown Victoria at the couple's apartment complex for any evidence, but nothing was confiscated.

That same day police also searched the couple's apartment and confiscated multiple items including a .40 caliber pistol, U.S. passports, towels, a comforter and even a burned flower stem.

On May 10, Miami-Dade police confiscated Thompson's shoes, shirt, underwear and shorts that she was wearing the day of the shooting. Blood stains were discovered only on the shorts. They also collected DNA swabs from Thompson's hands.

On May 11, Miami-Dade police searched Patrick's BMW, which Thompson drove to her mother's home after the deadly altercation. There they confiscated two purses and its contents, along with a cellphone, prescription pills, and a J.C. Penney shopping bag with its contents. They also collected several DNA swabs.

On May 12, Miami-Dade police searched a North Miami Beach storage facility, where Thompson was seen on surveillance video unloading baby items, just hours after Patrick was shot to death. Nothing was confiscated from the storage unit.

Patrick's patrol car was also searched, and nothing was taken from it as well.

Local 10's Christina Vazquez requested a statement from Thompson's attorney, Rod Vereen, regarding investigators' findings.

"With all due respect, your request is denied," he responded.

Thompson has not been arrested in Patrick's death, but she has been named a person of interest.

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