Local church provides 'end of the world experience'

Fascination with The Apocalypse

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla – The Apocalypse, the great Tribulation, also known as the Rapture. It's a time of chaos and complete pandemonium when Christians say believers are taken to heaven.

Pastor Thomas Manning of the Christian Life Center said, "It says one will be working, one will be gone. Two will be sleeping, one will be gone. Drivers will be gone and cars will be driverless, you know."

So to illustrate the end times, Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale has created the experience.

As soon as you drive up, you'll see wrecked cars with smoke billowing from the crash scene.

When you walk into the building, be prepared. There will be drama in the hallways with families being ripped apart.

There's also a place for you to get the "Mark of the Beast" in the lobby.

According to the Bible, in the book of Revelation, some Christians believe those "left behind"  must get this mark to survive. 

"We wanted to root it back to the Bible the scriptures, and show what is going to show in the end times," said Manning.

"Banged-up cars, theatrics during service, is all of this really necessary?"

"I think Americans are worried about their future, worried about where they are going, wondering about the fate of their life and the purpose of their life. That is what we are trying to show with scripture, that there is a purpose and meaning to life," said Manning.

"The End Time Experience" will last for over five weeks. The church hopes to send a clear message to those searching for an answer.

There are many Christians who do not believe in the rapture as a time when people will disappear from the Earth, but rather believe in a rapture only in the sense of a general final resurrection of Jesus.