Urban Beach Week rappers juggle traffic, police stops in Miami Beach

A celebration of hip-hop culture was in full bloom in Miami Beach


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Darryl Kevin Richardson II, also known as Lil Scrappy, sat on a Miami Beach sidewalk, as police searched his car early Saturday morning.

Police stopped the reality TV star, of VH1 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, on Washington Avenue in front of the New World Symphony. The Atlanta-based rapper was already running late to host a party at nightclub Dream, 1532 Washington Ave., in South Beach.

Michael Sanbloom was driving. Traffic on both of the causeways leading to South Beach was moving slowly, and Washington Avenue, where most of the nightclubs are, was crowded.

"They searched the car, gave the driver a citation and let them go," photographer Michael Miller, 36, said. "The cops were polite. I heard them laughing."

Miller said Friday night with Urban Beach Week, a festival that celebrates hip-hop culture since 2001, was pretty calm. There was a heavy police presence in bicycles, horses, cars, motorcycles and even helicopters.

When police asked Miller, of North Miami, to stop taking pictures of a traffic stop, and asked him to clear the side-walk, Miller refused.

"Just as they [police] were taking pictures of me, I was allowed to take pictures of them," Miller said. "They were polite ... but were even flashing a light on my camera."


Richardson, who made an undisclosed amount of money for hosting the party, was late to the club. He arrived after 3 a.m. The four posed for photos in the club's VIP section.

The longest lines on Washington Avenue were at clubs Cameo and Mansion, where police fatally shot a man during the festival in 2011.

The fashion was bright and flamboyant. There were plenty of gold chains, tattoos, and glimmering gold teeth. Most women wore tight dresses or shorts and high heels.

Like most rappers juggling income sources, Richardson was also making money as a talent agent. He claimed to have "the hottest women in the game." His posts on social media show him promoting women who can rap, host on TV, model in music videos "and more."

Richardson gained notoriety in the Atlanta scene with Black Market Entertainment Recordings for his singles "Money In The Bank" and "Gangsta Gangsta." But Miller didn't know that until a man in a scooter offered to buy the pictures from him.

The party continued on Saturday with pool parties at hotels on Collins Avenue and bar hopping on Ocean Drive.