Dune Bashing

Eat a very light breakfast, pack your adventurous spirit and hold on tight as a gifted driver whips you across Qatar's beautiful sand dunes.

This is a thrilling ride as you crisscross the dunes -- sometimes at an angle, sometimes going vertical down a slope -- often feeling the tires glide along the loose sand before traction kicks in, sending you gliding across a sandy horizon toward an oasis.

The adventure will take you to an inland sea. You also have the opportunity to stop at the tour company's camp site on the edge of the Persian Gulf. There you will find carpeted tents with traditional Arabic seating arrangements to enjoy a meal.

There is also a tour stop to ride a camel. According to Qatar Inbound Tours, Qatar is just one of two countries in the world where the dune meets the ocean. The other is Namibia.

The best time of year to visit Qatar are the winter months of December, January and February. Winters are mild and during that time there are overnight desert camping options. In the summer months, temperatures can exceed 115 degrees.