11-year-old girl found dead in Miami home

Martha Guzman's cause of death remains unclear

Jorge Guzman with his daughter, Martha
Jorge Guzman with his daughter, Martha

MIAMI – "I don't know what happened," said Jorge Guzman. "All I know is my daughter is dead."

Jorge is overwhelmed with emotions after finding out his 11-year-old daughter Martha Guzman unexpectedly died Sunday.

Miami police spent all Monday morning in front of Martha's home in the 800 block of NW Fourth Street. According to Martha's father she lived there with her mother and stepfather, and was found unresponsive Sunday afternoon.

Jorge says the last time he spoke to his daughter was Friday.

"She called me every night. ‘Daddy I'm going to bed, have a good night.' That's it," he said.

The cause of Martha's death is still unclear at this time.

"I don't know nothing," said Jorge. "Nobody tell me nothing. The police don't tell me nothing."