Elderly woman has ring stolen, replaced by cop

Plantation Police officer anonymously bought new ring after investigating incident


PLANTATION, Fla. – In the tough world of law enforcement, even police officers sometimes melt in the face of true love.

Plantation officer Laurie Graber is one such person after she investigated the heartbreaking tale of Betty Wagoner.

Wagoner, 87, a patient at Westside Regional Medical Center, was apparently the victim of theft when someone allegedly entered her hospital room and stole her diamond engagement ring.

Betty's husband Arthur noticed the ring was missing when he visited his wife on Sunday and saw it was gone when he went to hold her hand.

There were also black-and-blue marks on Betty's finger where the ring was removed.

The ring, which Betty had worn for 67 years, was reported as missing to Plantation police.

That's when Officer Graber entered the picture.

So distraught about what had happened, Graber purchased a new ring, minus the diamond, and left it anonymously at the hospital nurses' station.

Overcome with emotion over the random act of kindness, the nurses told Arthur that it was Graber who left the ring.

The investigation into who took the original ring is still ongoing.