Broward Health system cutting pay for top physicians

Board votes to cut doctors' base pay, set caps on how much they make

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Local 10's cameras were there for some major doctor drama at the taxpayer-assisted Broward Health system, which is cutting the pay for its top physicians.

The move comes in reaction to a massive investigation by the federal government into alleged inflated pay going to the district's doctors that may violate the law and could lead to big fines.

The district, which collects about $150 million a year in property tax dollars and counts Broward General Medical Center as its flagship hospital, is trying to come into compliance with the law.


Despite objections from some of those doctors, CEO Frank Nask pushed for the change, and after some debate the board Wednesday night voted in favor of cutting the doctors' base pay and setting caps on how much they can make.

Some of the doctors seen in the video weren't pleased with the prospect of pay cuts, even though some will still have the ability to make as much as $1.3 million a year.