Tow truck stolen from Hialeah family business

Tow truck main source of family's income

HIALEAH, Fla. – A Hialeah family of five is trying to bounce back after a business that took years to start was ruined in a matter of minutes.

"It was our main source of income," said Jessica Gueche. "With three children it's not easy."

Gueche and Pasteur Torrado said they got a piece of the American dream when they saved up and bought their first tow truck.

The pair opened AllStar Roadside Service Inc. more than a year ago and finished paying for their first truck last month.

They said business was finally picking up, until the truck was stolen Tuesday night off 20th Avenue along the Palmetto.

Torrado said he was dropping off some food for his wife at work when he walked out to an empty parking lot. While his wife called police, he drove around to find the red truck with yellow trim.

"It was 20 minutes," said Torrado of how long it took the truck to disappear.

Family members said they can't offer a reward but are willing to offer their services. They said thoughts of expanding have been crushed as they are now only trying to get back to work.

They pair said the truck is insured but they need to get back to work soon.

Anyone with information about the truck is encouraged to call Hialeah police.

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