Cellphone video shows beating in Hollywood rape case

Police: 16-year-old beaten, raped by supposed friends

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A 16-year-old girl is seen stomped on, dragged by her hair and beaten, in a newly released cellphone video from a brutal rape case involving the victim's supposed friends at a house in Hollywood.

The video shows not only the brutality of the crime,  but also of the roles of the five charged, which include the victim's two girlfriends, Patricia Montes, 15, and Erica Avery, 16.

The two teenagers physically assaulted the South Broward High School sophomore on the video, macing her and beating her until they were complaining of injuries of their own.

"I got mace in my face. It's really hurting," says one of the girls in the video.

"Wash your face with water," says the other.

"I think I broke my finger," says another.

Lanel Singleton, 18, is accused of videotaping the whole thing, while another boy, Dwight Henry, 17,  is heard threatening the victim.

"I'll take your face and slam it into this (expletive) wall," says Henry in the video.

Police say the suspects would not let the victim go home until she performed a sex act on Jayvon Woolfork, 19.

Prosecutors say she finally succumbed to having sex while the two girls held her down.

All five suspects are charged as adults. The three men remain in jail and the two girls are out on house arrest while they await their trials.