Former 'Cane Sapp stiffs waitress on tip

Hall of Famer says waitress called him and guest 'boys'


HALLANDALE, Fla. – Warren Sapp may be an all-time football great; but when it comes to local restaurants, the Hall of Famer may soon be banished to the bench.

The former Hurricane is in a little hot water after stiffing a South Florida waitress on a tip.

Sapp and another man visited the Upper Deck Sports Bar in Hallandale on Tuesday to watch the USA-Belgium World Cup match.

After running up a $69.39 tab, Sapp signed for the bill and made made sure the waitress, Corey Dagata, knew that he was leaving her zilch for a tip with a note reading "Boys don't tip!"

But Sapp's troubles began when Dagata sent a picture of the bill to her sister who then posted it on social media. After that, Sapp's frugality became a topic of derision all over the world.

Sapp took to Twitter to defend himself, saying that the waitress kept calling him and his guest "boys." The former Buccaneers and Raiders defensive lineman added that the service was the "worst."

Dagata told Local 10 that she was surprised that Sapp felt her work was poor as the NFL star himself had tweeted a picture of what she thought was good service.

"I mean, he never complained," Dagata said. "He even posted a picture of his beer being ice cold with ice cubes still on it."

And in an interview on "The Andy Slater Show" on WINZ, Dagata explains that she went over to Sapp and his friend and said, "Hey boys, what can I get you to drink?" And he was like 'We're not boys, I'm a man.'"

"I mean, saying 'Hey men, what do you want to drink' sounds kind of weird," added Dagata, "I go with 'boys' a lot. It sounds more youthful."

Management at the Upper Deck Sports Bar reviewed the restaurant's surveillance tape and according to Dagata, they found no issues with her perfomance.

"They looked at the tape and said you guys went over to the table 22 times within an hour and a half," Dagata told Local 10.

UPDATE: According to the Twitter feed of Andy Slater, an anonymous $30 check was received by the Upper Deck Sports Bar with a note saying it's "hard to deal with boys."