Least Tern nesting sites found on roof

FWC shuts down roofing project

KEY LARGO – Contractors were ready to do roof repair work at Key Largo's Trade Winds Plaza when Least Tern nesting sites were found on the roof. 

A Least Tern is a federally protected migratory species and the smallest of the seabird species. 

Two Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers were called to the scene and located 15 active nesting sites with a total of 19 Least Tern eggs on the roof. Officers also came across three live chicks and two deceased birds. 

The project on the roof was immediately shut down until nesting season is over, which is typically in August. 

The nests were not disturbed and the eggs were left in place. 

Staff from the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center were also on-hand assisting in locating the nests.